Do you wish to study the financing possibilities relating to the acquisition of one or more drone(s) from Aero41 Ltd.?

Different possibilities are available to you:

Financing of Equipment Goods

By using the link below, and without any commitment on your part, a few "clicks" are enough to access a simulation. You can also, if you wish, request an interview for personalized simulations to study the solutions best suited to your situation.

Click here to access a leasing simulation without obligation.

Cantonal / Federal aid


You can benefit from cantonal aid, within the framework of the collective measures FIA-CI (initial flat-rate and single aid), in particular provided for the financing of the purchase of equipment in common or the creation of organizations of peasant mutual aid.

Here is an overview of these provisions*:

Example for a collective investment worth CHF 75'000.-:


Minimum own funds: CHF 26'250.-, or CHF 13'125.- per operator.

Loan amount (max.) of 65%: CHF 48,750.-

Repayment: 8,125 years on the basis of the annual minimum of CHF 6,000.-


* Non-contractual presentation. Subject to regulatory changes and the compliance of the operators file.

To consult the official description of the FIA-CI collective measures (French only), click here .

The following cantonal organizations will be able to provide you with information:


Office cantonal de l'agriculture et de la nature

Service de l'espace rural et Service de l'agronomie

Ch. du Pont-du-Centenaire 109

1228 Plan-les-Ouates

Tél. : +41 22 388 71 71


Service de l'agriculture

Route de l'Aurore 1

2053 Cernier

Tél. : +41 32 889 37 00



Office de crédit agricole (OCA)

Avenue des Jordils 3

1001 Lausanne

Tél. : +41 21 614 24 33


Office des améliorations structurelles

Av. Maurice Troillet 260

Case postale 437

1951 Sion

Tél. : +41 27 606 78 00

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