Last updated October 24th, 2020


Please note that the Hardware Warranty represents an integral part of the End User License Agreement (EULA) of Aero41.


Warranty duration


The warranty on your drone starts on the date of its purchase or on the day of its first flight, whichever comes first. The warranty lasts 24 months.


Legal text:


The warranty start date shall be either the date of purchase (invoice date) on which the final Purchaser purchases the Aero41 Hardware from either Aero41 or from an Aero41 distributor or the date of its first flight, whereas the date which occurs first shall be applicable. In case an Aero41 distributor is flying a drone as part of a delivery inspection prior to delivery to the final Purchaser, then such a flight will be considered as a flight that will activate warranty. Aero41 hereby warrants to the final Purchaser that the Aero41 Hardware will, at the warranty start date and for a period of 24 (twenty four) months be free from defects in material and workmanship, and be fit for its permitted use (in accordance with the EULA).


Recording the first flight and flight hours


In accordance with our privacy policy, Aero41 will collect data such as the dates and duration of your flights in order to assess if the warranty is still valid.


Warranty Extension

Warranty extension, if available, can only be purchased once per equipment. Warranty extensions can be purchased only while the equipment is still under warranty. Aero41 retains the right to refuse an extended warranty for any reason.


Warranty scope


Aero41 will decide if the hardware will be repaired, replaced by another product or reimbursed.


Legal text:


During this warranty period, Aero41’s only liability remains with the option, to be decided by Aero41 at its full discretion, to either (i) repair or replace the defective product with another product or a product with similar specifications, or (ii) to reimburse the purchase price of the product.


Aero41 drone bundles: The warranty on drone bundles and warranty extensions for said bundles includes the drone and any other part that is purchased together and for that drone including ground station, modules, backup aircraft and batteries.

Backup aircraft: Backup aircraft that are purchased for a specific drone are covered under the warranty of the primary drone. Purchasing a backup aircraft does not extend the warranty of the primary drone.

Replacement aircraft: The warranty on replacement aircraft covers the replacement aircraft, but does NOT cover any payloads, ground station, modules and batteries.

Add-on products purchased: The warranty on products which are separately purchased covers only said products.

Consumables: Batteries, propellers – for example - are parts that naturally age and have to be periodically replaced depending on usage. Aero41’s warranty covers manufacturing mistakes and flaws but does not cover the normal wear and tear of said parts.


In doubt, it is at the sole discretion of Aero41 to decide which parts are covered under any active warranty.

Shipment, import and labor cost in cases of warranty


You purchased your equipment directly from Aero41: Aero41’s warranty covers the necessary replacement parts or new equipment if parts cannot be replaced as well as the shipment cost to you. The warranty does not cover any import cost, local taxes, value added taxes or labor required to install the replacement parts. If you are unable or unwilling to install replacement parts yourself, you may contact Aero41 to install the parts on your behalf as paid service.


You purchased your equipment from an Aero41 distributor: Aero41’s warranty covers the necessary replacement parts or new equipment if the parts cannot be replaced as well as the shipment cost to the distributor where you purchased the equipment. You either will have to pick up the equipment at your distributor’s location or arrange delivery from the distributor to you, which may or may not be covered by the distributor’s own warranty and replacement policies. The warranty does not cover any import cost, local taxes, value added taxes, or the labor required to install the replacement parts. If you are unable or unwilling to install the replacement parts yourself, you may contact your local distributor to install the parts on your behalf as paid service.


User’s obligations to fulfill the warranty


In order to benefit from the warranty, you must notify Aero41 of the defect no later than the last day of the warranty period. Aero41 will decide whether or not the defect is covered by the warranty. You are responsible for returning the defective product to Aero41.


Legal text:


In order for any liability of Aero41 to arise (i) any defect has to be notified during the warranty period, (ii) any defect confirmed by Aero41 as such and (iii) the defective product is to be returned to Aero41.


Failure to follow the manual, legal requirements, or instructions of Aero41, result in the loss of warranty. Using any damaged equipment and/or modified equipment will also result in loss of warranty.


As a matter of example, the instructions following below have to be adhered to in order to not void warranty:


Newest Software Release


Make sure to always operate your Aero41 product on the newest software release. Operating your Aero41 product on an outdated firmware version can lead to a loss of warranty if an incident occurs because of old software.


Improper Use of Equipment


The warranty is voided in any cases, where the equipment gets damaged due to improper use or failure to follow the manual including maintenance and assembly errors such as not plugging in batteries all the way, loose propellers, backward propellers, charging batteries incorrectly, or not attaching the payload securely, dropping, puncturing or otherwise damaging equipment.


Environmental Conditions


Aero41 has specified environmental conditions which are acceptable to fly in (see manuals). Operating outside the environmental limitations will lead to loss of warranty.


Flights conditions such as fog, snow or rain, strong winds, extreme temperatures, high altitude above sea level, high radiation, lead to loss of warranty.




Warranty is voided if the user fails to take influence of wind into account such as drifting due to wind after take-off as well as necessary distance to turbulence of at least 15m.


Avoid Obstacles in your flight plan


Failure to plan flights with sufficient distance to obstacles will result in the loss of warranty. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that no objects (antennas, buildings, trees) or terrain (hills) are within the flight plan when flying Aero41 products. The needed distance to obstacles depends on environmental conditions.


Use of damaged Equipment


Do not fly or use Aero41 products which are damaged as such use is not covered under warranty. Confirm that equipment is fit for use with Aero41 support in doubt if your equipment is damaged, has been dropped or is otherwise suspected to not properly work.


Use of Emergency Shut-Off ("kill switch")


The warranty does not cover unintended use of the emergency shut-off functionality (“kill switch”) or use of the emergency shut-off functionality without a serious malfunction of the equipment. Make sure to use the return to home functionality in case you want to abort a mission.


Storage of Batteries


Batteries should be stored in a secure, cool, ventilated environment. Do not store the batteries in areas receiving direct sunlight. The temperature of the area should not be higher than 25 °C (77°F). User’s failure to comply with these rules and the ensuing failure of the batteries or the equipment as a whole will result in the loss of the warranty.


Legal text:


The warranty given in this section shall not apply and shall automatically be voided in case of (i) any improper, careless, negligent or use not in accordance with the manual, (ii) any continued use in case of a defect or malfunction has been detected, (iii) any use contradictory to or in omission of any of Aero41’s instructions, (iv) any kind of work carried out on or changes made to the Aero41 product or the Equipment by the Purchaser or any third party without the previous consent of Aero41, (v) any use in violation of applicable law and (vi) any improper storage or storage against instructions in the EULA.


No other Warranties


This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.