Perseverance is very important. You shouldn't give up unless you have to give up. ” Elon Musk

NO PAIN. MORE GAIN : the moto that we have chosen to adopt, as much it applies to what our product should evoke to its users as the path we had to take to be able to give birth to it. Since 2015, the leaders of this ambitious project have committed themselves body and soul to achieve a vision in line with the needs of the sector: it was necessary to understand all the expectations in order to finally be able to produce a successful tool capable of evolving.


The AGv2 is a concentrate of the dreams and demands of our most important ambassadors: YOU!

So let's continue together to develop this Swiss tool that meets the expectations that we can have of our country's reputation in terms of reliability, precision, quality and technological excellence.



R&D coordinator

An EPFL engineer in microtechnology and professor in computer science at the HES-SO Valais, Dominique is a recognized specialist in data mining, machine learning (AI) and smart information systems. Present since the beginning of the adventure with Frédéric, he brings his engineering expertise, his creativity, a vast academic network and enlightened proposals to ensure the success of the product.

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Dominique Genoud
Frederic Hemmeler



A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Frédéric spent fifteen years piloting helicopters in Canada and Europe. From 2010 to 2013 he even had his own helicopter which he operated with his wife between Switzerland, Germany and Croatia. Holder of a university diploma in aviation management from HEC Geneva, he introduced the first spraying drone in Europe and obtained the first authorizations to treat using this system in Switzerland.

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Jodoc Elmiger is an industrial designer with 20 years experience in the creation of technological companies in the fields of UAVs. Since October 2019 he works as a consultant for Aero41.

Jodoc holds a BSc in Industrial Design from ECAL

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Jodoc Elmiger
Patrick Hervée



From agricultural school to business school, Patrick has had many lives. He has spent most of his professional life between France and Switzerland.
A former trader, fund manager, and banker, he founded his own consulting firm straddling the border between the Valais and Vaud.
Patrick is the worker in the shadows without whom nothing could work.

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Quentin Collet



Embedded systems engineer, Quentin Collet joined the Aero41 team at the start of 2020. He is at the basis of the development of our flight and mission management system which he coded from A to Z with the help from our colleague Dominique. Passionate, born entrepreneur and not counting his hours, Quentin spent a good part of the season in the field in order to take the measure of the technological challenges that were ours.

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